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Lowongan Kerja Main Games Indonesia September 2021

Lowongan Kerja PT Main Games Indonesia Jakarta September 2021

Lowongan Kerja Main Games Indonesia September 2021

PT Main Games adalah Penyedia Creator Service Provider (CSP) terkemuka yang melayani pembuat konten di seluruh Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, dan Nepal. Misi kami adalah membantu membina pembuat konten dari miliaran orang berikutnya untuk mewujudkan potensi penuh mereka sebagai streamer game, melalui kombinasi teknologi, proses, dan rasa hormat yang tulus terhadap penonton dan komunitas mereka.

Menggabungkan semua pengalaman dan sumber daya yang kami miliki di industri game, kami telah berhasil membentuk komunitas streamer game dengan anggota dari seluruh Indonesia. Sekarang, semua orang bisa streaming!

Jadi, jika Anda seorang penggila game, suka bersenang-senang, dan orang yang bersemangat, mari bergabung dengan tim kami dan berjuang bersama untuk mencapai kehebatan

Dikala anda melamar kerja perlu memperhatikan hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan informasi lowongan kerja. Saat hendak melamar kerja supaya anda sebagai pelamar lolos dalam seleksi yang dilakukan oleh HRD Perusahaan pastikan kembali jika anda telah membaca seluruh informasi lowongan kerja tersebut.

Perusahaan-perusahaan pembuka lowongan kerja tentu menginginkan calon karyawan kompeten atau mampu mengerjakan jobdesk dengan maksimal. Oleh karena itu HRD perusahaan melakukan tahapan seleksi kepada pelamar (calon karwayan) agar dapat menentukan lolos atau mampu tidaknya pelamar dalam mengerjakan jobdesk pada posisi pekerjaan yang dilamar itu.

Tahapan awal dalam melamar kerja biasanya mengumpulkan berkas-berkas lamaran baik secara online maupun offline, oleh karena itu persiapakan Curriculum Vitae (CV) juga Cover Letter (Surat Lamaran) untuk menggambarkan siapa diri anda.

Melalui CV dan Surat Lamaran tunjukan bahwa anda sebagai pelamar merupakan kandidat berkompeten untuk mengisi posisi pekerjaan juga bisa dipercaya dalam menjalankan jobdesk pada posisi tersebut.

Lokernesia hadir sebagai media informasi lowongan kerja untuk membantu pencari kerja dalam usaha mencari lowongan kerja yang tersedia dan terbaru. Kami senantiasa mempublikasikan informasi lowongan kerja yang valid, akurat dan terpercaya untuk diinformasikan kepada pengunjung website kami agar memudahkannya dalam mencari informasi lowongan kerja.

Saat ini PT Main Games Indonesia yang berlokasi di Jakarta sedang membuka lowongan kerja bagi lulusan S1 untuk mengisi beragam posisi yang sedang kosong dengan persyaratan sebagai berikut:

1. Social Media Staff


  1. Proven work experience as a Social Media or similar role minimal 3 years
  2. Bachelor degree with GPA 3.004
  3. Average High School Examination Score above 8.004
  4. Excellent knowledge of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media best practices
  5. Excellent multitasking skills
  6. Critical thinker and problem solving skills .
  7. Team player
  8. Good time-management skills
  9. Great interpersonal, presentation and communication skills


  • Develop, implement and manage our social media strategy
  • Define most important social media KPIs
  • Perform research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences
  • Design and implement social media strategy to align with business goals
  • Manage and oversee social media content
  • Communicate with follower, respond to gueries in a timely manner and monitor customer reviews
  • Measure the success of every social media campaign (eg. ROI, KPIs)
  • Suggest and implement new features to develop brand awareness, like promotions and competitions
  • Stay up date with latest social media best practices and technologies
  • Use social media marketing tools
  • Collaborate with Sales and Product teams
  • Communicate with industry prafessionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network

2. Seo Specialist


  1. Bachelors Degree (technical degree preferred) , GPA 3.0+
  2. Has Average Ujian Nasional Score above 8.0
  3. Minimum 2 years experience or deep exposure to SEO (not SEM).
  4. Data-driven and kind of a data-geek: clear understanding of data, analytics, metrics and statistics.
  5. A/B Testing and Data Analytics experience.
  6. Editing and copywriting skills.
  7. Willing to learn, must have a startup mindset.
  8. Knowledge about both inbound and outbound marketing will be a plus.
  9. Performance and results-oriented.
  10. Curious and creative, relentless in pursuit of growth.
  11. Experience with growth hackings tools such as for A/B Testing, MailChimp for email marketing campaigns, HubSpot for CRM, sales and marketing purposes, Zapier to automate work flows.
  12. Will be test for SEO skill first. If passed, will take interview


  • Grow organic traffic for Jalantikus.com using a combination of SEO, social media, Youtube and referral marketing.
  • A/B test those ideas using Google Optimize.
  • Analyze the data and users’ feedback and exchange ideas with Jalantikus.com content team to improve the content and optimize the channels constantily.
  • Review and analyze Jalantikus.com website for areas that can be improved and optimized.
  • Identify powerful keywords to drive the most valuable traffic to Jalantikus.com.
  • Analyze keywords and SEO technigues used by competitors.
  • Write powerful calis-to-action to convert visitors.
  • Develop link building strategies.
  • Keep updated on both white hat and black hat SEO strategies to avoid stay within search engine guidelines.
  • Understand conversion rate optimization (CRO) principles and hacks and being able to apply CRO hacks.

3. Seo Content Editor (English Language)


  1. Have minimum Average High School National Examination Score : 23/30 or 50/60 (average 8.00+) and above
  2. Bachelor degree, preferably from communication or journalism, with GPA 3.004
  3. Minimum 3 years of experience in writing/editing.
  4. Have a very good editing skills.
  5. Possess good leadership, organization skills, and experience managing a team.
  6. Have the ability to collect and analyze information, problem-solve, and make decisions.
  7. Able to use Google Analytics and other analytic tools.
  8. Familiar with SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc.
  9. Passionate about technology, apps, and games.
  10. Able to work fast under tight deadlines.


  • Editing and writing SEO articles in English.
  • Searching ideas of articles from various sources.
  • Make a content plan.
  • Giving feedback to the writers.
  • Reviewing the writers’ performance.
  • Analyzing the content using Google Anaiytics and other SEO tools.
  • Propose insights for content improvement to the Editor in Chief.

4. Data Scientist Analyst


  1. Education background minimal Bachelor in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or another guantitative field. Magister or PhD level is an advantage. GPA must be »3.00
  2. Nilai rata-rata Ujian Nasional must be (average) »8.00
  3. Having 3-5 years of experience manipulating data sets and building statistical models
  4. Strong problem solving skills with an emphasis on product development
  5. Experience using statistical computer languages (R, Python, SLO, etc.) to manipulate data and draw insights from large data sets
  6. Experience working with and creating data architectures
  7. Knowledge of a variety of machine learning technigues (clustering, decision tree learning, artificial neural networks, etc.) and their real-world advantages/drawbacks
  8. Knowledge of advanced statistical technigues and concepts (regression, properties of distributions, statistical tests and proper usage, etc.) and experience with applications
  9. A drive to learn and master new technologies and technigues
  10. Adaptable with dynamic work environment
  11. Understand gaming trends is a plus


  • Mine and analyze data from company databases to drive optimization and improvement of product development, marketing technigues and business strategies
  • Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources and data gathering technigues
  • Develop custom data models and algorithms to apply to data sets
  • Coordinate with different functional teams to implement models and monitor outcomes
  • Develop processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy

5. Designer


  1. Nilai Rata-rata Ujian Nasional: 8.04
  2. Minimum has work experience far 3 years as Art and Design, ar Web Designer in afvertising, media, other similarly creative industries.
  3. Must be able to show a credible portfolio. Demonstrate creativity, imagination, and innavation in the portfolio.
  4. Proficiency in graphic design software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and other visual design tools.
  5. Proficiengy in frant-end development web programming languages such as HTML and CSS, JOuery, and JavaScript will be a huge plus.
  6. Time management and organizational skills
  7. Accuracy aryd attention to detail
  8. Savy with current design trends


  • Developing concepts, graphics, and layouts for the website, digital and marketing Campaigns, product illustrations (Company Lago, Banner, flyer, poster, presentation, web page, advertisement, etc)
  • Conceptualizing creative ideas with the internal team to agree on a brief.
  • Ilustrates concept by designing raugh layout draft Of art, and copy regarding arrangemeni, size, type size and style and related aesthetic concepts based an an agreed brief with Lhe team.
  • Communicating design ideas using user flows, process flows, site maps, and wireframes. Reviewing final layouts and suggesting improvements.
  • Preparing layout and art for external and internal presentations.


Bagi anda yang berminat dan memenuhi kualifikasi diatas, silahkan kirim lamaran Lowongan Kerja Main Games Indonesia September 2021 melalui email berikut:

Subjek: Social Media Staff (posisi 1)
Subjek: Position_Your Name (posisi 2-5)

Lowongan kerja ini tidak dipungut biaya. Lamaran yang tidak memenuhi kualifikasi diatas tidak akan diproses. Hanya kandidat terbaik yang akan dipanggil untuk mengikuti seleksi tahap selanjutnya.

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Jangan lupa menabung kebaikan dengan membagikan informasi Lowongan Kerja Main Games Indonesia September 2021 ke kerabat anda yang membutuhkan dan mencantumkan Lokernesia.id sebagai preferensi informasi lowongan kerja anda agar website ini tetap eksis